Send Out The Perfect Beach Themed Wedding Invitations

A wedding is one of the most important events in any person’s life. It is the even that is going to change your life as you know it. It is scary, stressful yet very special. Today, weddings are not just ceremonies to tell the world you are married. Weddings have taken a whole new turn and are more interesting and exciting than ever, even for the guests. There are theme weddings and destination weddings.

When you go in for the beach theme, your beach themed wedding invitations are what you should focus on first.

Get The Perfect Invitation Cardbeach themed invitations

Your invitation card is the first glimpse of your wedding, for all your guests. When your card is spot on, it increases the anticipation of the guests and makes the whole celebration more enjoyable for everyone.

How To Plan Your Wedding Invitation?

Getting your wedding invitation done is no joke. There are a number of factors that have to be considered. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect invitation:

Decide a budget for the cards. It is always better to spend more on the actual wedding rather than spend on the invitations, which are going to be viewed only once

beach themed wedding invitationsThe cards are going to be your wedding’s first look, so ensure the theme is well followed and the guests get a clear picture, so as to come dressed accordingly.

Decide the details to be printed on the card. The venue, date, time and dress code are very important and should not be missed on the card.

Make a wedding card out of the ordinary. You can print a small poem or a short story about your love, to make it unique.

Decide the list of people you want to send out the invites to, and order for the required number of cards.

Send them out in time. It should neither be too early, as people might forget the event, nor should it be too late because your guests could have already made plans for the D day.

Got the basics? Now let’s see how to plan for the perfect beach themed wedding invitations!

Beach Themed wedding Invitationsbeach themed invitations

When it is a beach themed wedding, there are many ways to make your card unique and catchy by having greatly designed beach themed wedding invitations.

  • Use real sand on top of the card to add some texture. If your card supplier does not have such an option, you can do it yourself. Just apply a little glue around the card and drizzle sand on it. Once dried, you can lift up the card and get rid of excess sand.
  • You can include an image of the beach, in your card, so that people know what a beautiful place you have chosen.
  • Choose a colour tone that suits the theme. The colours chosen should be in harmony with the beach.
  • If you have a dress code, ensure it is mentioned in the card. This will ensure all your guests come in the theme and make the entire wedding more festive.
  • The invitation card itself can be in the shape of a shell.
  • If you are planning for more activities for the guest in the beach, do mention it so that they can come prepared.