Small Wedding Ideas for Intimate Weddings

wedding ideasPlanning a small wedding does not mean you need to withhold on any of the fun. If you prefer an intimate gathering then you may absolutely plan it as per your taste. With the smaller wedding, you have control over each detail and you can execute your wedding exactly the way you have planned it. Small wedding means small guests list and it is cost effective too.More and more couples are opting for the small wedding considering its simplicity and less stress involved. A small wedding does not mean it will be any less beautiful and memorable. It gives you freedom to be creative and option to break through the tradition. Here are some small wedding ideas to help you plan your dream wedding.

  • Be Creative: Small wedding gives you the freedom to be creative. Plan your wedding as per your budget and make it entertaining too. Choose trendy venues. A limited guest list means a plethora of opportunities when it comes to the small wedding ideas. Treat your guest at some exquisite place or your best friends who have been raving about the unique restaurant. Use your own words wherever you can to give the ceremony more personal touch. Your event skips the formalities in many ways use that to make your wedding memorable.
  • Ditch the traditional format of wedding: You are free to experiment with the way you want to plan your wedding. Write your own vows or have both parents walk you down the aisle. It is your big day and you should be in control of everything. You don’t have to follow the traditional format if you don’t want to, make your own dress if that makes you happy.
  • Get your Guest Involved: Unlike big marriage ceremony in this one you have the option to involve your guest more. From asking people to offer relationship advice to sharing some funny or positive stories from their own marriages can be a real entertainer. With fewer people on the scene, it is easy to get everyone into the act somehow.
  • Plan an informal party: Friends or colleagues who were not invited to the wedding can be part of either a housewarming party or a potluck. They will be happy to hear about your special day. A casual night out can be a really great way of telling people how much they mean to you. Sending a postcard with your favorite photograph is also a good option to announce your wedding.small wedding ideas

There are plenty of small wedding ideas available on the internet that will make sure your wedding day will be a memorable one.

Choose the one that fulfills your entire prerequisite and should be wallet friendly too. Small wedding ideas will help you plan your wedding exactly the way you wanted. Fewer people mean a more personal celebration and there is more time for bride and groom to spend it with their guests. Intimate celebrations have many advantages if they are planned properly.

A small wedding gives you a chance to go all out. It also means that each detail will be visible and should be paid attention too. Small wedding ideas are many and should be chosen as per your taste. It is a couple’s personal decision to have a large celebration or simple private event.